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                About Us


                Wuhan Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd

                       Wuhan Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan · China Optical Valley - Wuhan University Science and Technology Park, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R &amp; D, production and sales of optical mechanical systems and optical instruments. The company's products are mainly divided into three categories: infrared optical mechanical system, visible optical mechanical system and optical instrument.


                        Based on independent innovation, the company actively carries out the design and research of high-end optical and mechanical systems to provide customers with professional solutions. At present, the products developed include medium wave infrared and long wave infrared dual field of view, three field of view, continuous zoom and non thermal lens, visible light large image surface object telecentric machine vision lens and other high-end optical and mechanical systems, which have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.

                        The company has strong technical force, and its R &amp; D core personnel have been engaged in the optical industry for decades, with professional theoretical knowledge, high design level and rich engineering experience; The production personnel have many years of experience in optical mechanical system assembly and adjustment, as well as rich industry knowledge and practical skills.

                        Adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "unity, dedication, efficiency and innovation", and adhering to the strategic policy of high technology and high quality, the products developed by the company are widely used in the fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, fire protection, scientific research, public security, transportation and so on.

                        The company pursues humanized management, "people-oriented and morality based", emphasizes the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, enhances the ability of independent innovation and core competitiveness, enables the enterprise to grow rapidly, refine and specialize products, and strive to make Zhenguang products a bright new star in China's optical industry.

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