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                Procurement Package


                1. Purchase of lens and optical parts

                Please determine the model of lens and the dimensional accuracy of optical parts according to the actual needs. We will have professional engineers to help you to avoid unnecessary waste of funds. Generally speaking, the existing models of our company can meet the requirements of most users. If you need higher requirements, please contact us.

                2. Lens naming rules

                For lens naming rules, see the annex of "naming rules of Wuhan Zhenguang technology products"[ Click [Download]

                3. Preservation of lens and optical parts

                If you cannot use it immediately after purchasing, please keep the lens in a dry and ventilated place, and the optical parts in a dry and clean vessel. When using and cleaning, please use special long floc cotton and special detergent (usually 50% absolute alcohol + 50% ether mixture).

                4. Product warranty

                If the product fails to meet the quality specified by our company due to product manufacturing within 30 days from the date of sale, our company will repair, replace or return the product free of charge. In case of such situation, our company requires the customer who purchases the product to issue a quality inspection report, indicating the details of the quality nonconformity.

                5. Payment

                Our company only accepts the terms of payment to delivery. The terms of payment can be cash, cheque and telegraphic transfer.

                6. Delivery time

                Usually our company keeps a small amount of samples in stock. However, we cannot guarantee that all products listed in the sample can be delivered immediately (such as insufficient inventory or in the process of replenishment). If the inventory products can meet the customer's requirements, our company will send them within 24 hours after receiving the payment (except holidays).

                7. Delivery method

                If the customer does not specify the delivery method, our company will send it to the purchaser by express.

                After sales guarantee

                1. Provide one-year free warranty service for all customers who buy our products.

                2. Provide lifelong paid service for products that have exceeded the free warranty period.

                3. The following situations are not covered by the free warranty:

                (1) Improper use, malicious damage, self disassembly and self repair caused by human factors are not included in the scope of free warranty service.

                (2) Force Majeure: all product damage and work failure caused by force majeure such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, fire, tsunami and war are not included in the scope of free warranty service.

                4. The products to be repaired shall be sent back to the company for repair, and the documents shall be attached to explain the actual situation. Please pack the product properly and then mail it to avoid secondary damage during transportation. The cost of secondary damage shall be paid by the purchaser. If it cannot be sent back to the company for maintenance, the travel expenses and accommodation expenses of the maintenance personnel of the company shall be paid separately.

                Special statement:

                1. If the after-sales service terms are otherwise agreed upon at the time of sale, the signed contract shall prevail.

                2. Wuhan Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation and modification of the above terms.

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